Unique clients are looking to move to Ibiza and make it their home.


The Ibiza dream home is a relevant pursue

Our ever-expanding clientele is looking and ready to buy or rent. Plots to build with a license approved in Ibiza are the most looked for in the bespoke international market.

In addition, many of our clients look for plots with permission to build or houses to refurbish.

We know how and why Ibiza works as it does

We know how and why Ibiza works as it does

The Blakstad family name can be traced back almost 70 years. With Real Estate experience on the island. Founder Rolph Blakstad settled in Ibiza in 1956. Since then, Ibiza has seen changes year by year – but there is always one consistency throughout, the real estate market. This market has always been on the rise, even more so nowadays than ever in this fast-moving world.

For this reason, the most important thing to rely upon is a strong partner in this sector. Hence, having Blakstad Real Estate & Rentals by your side at each step so that you can be sure of an easy passage to your sale or rental relationship.

Blakstad We guide you

We guide you

We guide you, you can trust us, and we walk you through every process. From the first initial study, the architectural knowledge, the backup of Blakstad Design Consultants, and the experienced legal team that knows the Ibiza particular ways. Not focusing on the legal service but on how.

Blakstad Selling procedure

Selling procedure

At Blakstad, we will ensure to look after every step of the way. Answering questions about buying your dream home, including all procedures and documents. Our established purchasing team ensures that purchases are always in the very best interest of our clients.

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