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Blakstad Real Estate and Rentals have a wealth of expertise garnered over decades of experience.


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The experience gained over generations gives us an intrinsic power. We know the how’s and the why’s of the market. Trust in a robust network curated over years of excellent relations throughout the island.

The team is experienced, knowledgeable, and has close face-to-face bespoke communication; therefore, our offer is also private.

Ibiza is a sunshine
Estate of mind

Are you dreaming of a Balearic Lifestyle with more than 300 days of sunshine? The island entices you to a Mediterranean lifestyle of exquisite luxuries, relaxation, and seemingly endless blissful days and nights. Ibiza has long been seen as one of the hotspots in Europe, constantly emerging and reinventing itself.

With this in mind, the island is fast setting itself up to be more inviting as an all-year-round destination - With good flight connections to Europe and beyond, fast internet, its warm Climate, international schools, and the ultimate Mediterranean feeling.

Blakstad For buyers

For buyers

With our highly experienced & knowledgeable team, your search for your dream house is customised to specific objectives. The Houses, plots, and projects we can offer are unique, personal, and exclusive.

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Blakstad For sellers

For sellers

With our highly experienced & knowledgeable team, your search for your dream house is customised to specific objectives. The Houses, plots, and projects we can offer are unique, personal, and exclusive.

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Blakstad and Ibiza, it’s a family love story

Blakstad and Ibiza, it’s a family love story

Blakstad, the family name, can be traced back almost 70 years. Founder Rolph Blakstad settled in Ibiza in 1956. Since then, Ibiza has seen changes year by year – but there is always one consistency throughout, the real estate market. This market has always been on the rise, even more so nowadays than ever in this fast-moving world.

For this reason, relying upon a strong partner in this sector is vital, with Real Estate experience on the island. Having Blakstad Real Estate & Rentals by your side each step of the way, you can be sure of an easy passage to your perfect dream home.

The only source of knowledge is experience!

The only source of knowledge is experience!

Building and Real Estate run in the family. Many of our projects have included finding a plot and creating a bespoke project by Blakstad Design Consultants.

Our Team

Let our network guide you successfully to your new home. We are here to help you find your dream property – From Finca style to contemporary lifestyle homes – everything is possible through our hugely professional network.

Leo Blakstad

Leo Blakstad

Leo Blakstad comes from a family with a longstanding legacy in the architectural and research industry. Leo's father, Rolf, founded the successful Blakstad studio in the 1960s, and from a young age, Leo has been involved in the family business. Today, he takes on the responsibility of providing clients with seamless service when it comes to buying, selling, or renting properties on the island. As a custodian of his family's distinguished reputation, Leo Blakstad is committed to delivering the highest standards of service and maintaining the company's legacy of excellence.

For decades the Blakstad name has worked alongside „Estates & Homes“, supporting them with their professional team, coupled with the long-standing family history on the island. There is no limit to a successful real estate or rental project.

Mateo Tirmarche

Mateo Tirmarche

With more than a decade of experience in the luxury yacht industry, Mateo Tirmarche possesses an unparalleled understanding of how to manage client expectations.

Having now happily returned to his home island, Mateo Tirmarche is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of his clients, and takes great pride in being able to provide them with a service they can trust. He is always looking for ways to exceed their expectations and create an unforgettable experience for them.

“Ibiza is
difficult to leave”

Leo Blakstad

Ibiza is for life, not just for summer!

It’s a melting pot of cultures and nationalities immersed in pines greenery. Its natural relaxing quietness is a real luxury nowadays.

“Ibiza is<br />
difficult to leave”

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